Baton Of Hope is entirely a student-run organization that aims to better the lives of talented underprivileged athletes by providing them with information, financial aid, and guidance. The organization was founded by Adya Bhargava in 2019 when she was in the 11th grade.

One of her closest friends comes from an underprivileged background, and they used to struggle with the expenses of buying equipment, shoes, and paying coaching fees. Despite being extremely talented, there came a point where they were almost forced to give up playing their sport because they could no longer afford it, and they were unable to find a sponsor due to a lack of knowledge and awareness at both ends. 

The idea for this organization sprouted from her anger and frustration at their situation, and the situation of thousands of equally talented athletes across the country. Baton Of Hope is now run by a group of 5 student-athletes, who are all very passionate about this cause. Meet the team here.


On 31st July 2020, we published the first season of our inspirational video series, "Copper to Gold". The aim of this series was to showcase the journies of three athletes, including international badminton player Subhankar Dey, international para-badminton player Arati Janoba Patil, as well as Abhishek Bedi, a former software engineer who quit his job to pursue his true passion of coaching badminton. Click here to watch the series.

In September of 2020, Baton of Hope implemented its first major project, where we teamed up with Hero MotoCorp to provide financial support to 9 underprivileged athletes for a total of 2.7 lakh rupees. For more information, click here.